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Kaleb + Samantha

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"When you love what you have you have everything you need"

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The Mountains Were Calling and They Had to Go    



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Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas If you're running out of time, but still looking to do something nice for your loved ones for Valentine's Day, here are a few ideas: 

1) Download the app INK Cards. You can create cards and send directly from your mobile device. Better yet, they are only $1.99! That is far cheaper than any Hallmark card will ever be. Instead of trying to remember to stop on your way home to pick up a card, you can create and send instantly from your phone. 

2) If you're anything like me, I get tired of looking at the same photos on my walls. I like to change things up. Rather than spending a lot of money on an enlargement, print 4 x 6" or 5 x 7" cards that you can put on your fridge or put inside a frame on a leaning book shelf. My favorite printing lab with the most affordable prices is


3) Sometimes it's just really tough to decide on what to print. If you're indecisive, consider a digital picture frame. Depending on the brand you can upload 20 or more of your favorite photos - it's perfect for both the home and office! Some frames even are time based with an automatic on/off control based on daily, weekday or weekend schedule. 

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Family Photos Glimmer Through Snow Covered Mountains  

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4 Tips to Photograph This Holiday Season 4 Tips While Photographing This Holiday Season

There is no better way to capture the holiday season than with lights, coffee, and fireplaces. To accomplish this with a smartphone, seek out where the source of light is coming from (lamp, menorah, tree, fireplace) and focus your camera on the light. Reduce the exposure of the photo by creating the mood of peace and tranquility.

With the snow glistening, this maybe the best time to photograph the sunrise, or perhaps you want to capture photos of your family opening presents on Christmas Day. Photograph the morning by looking for the little moments (kids walking down the stairs, opening presents, the coffee being poured into the mug, etc.) These are moments we cherish, but don’t always capture on camera.


Gather Around
Candid photos are wonderful, but when you have all your family in one place, it’s so nice to have a family portrait. Sometimes you don’t have someone around to take this photo, so that's when self-timers on cameras come into play perfectly. To do this, rest the camera against a mantel or bookshelf and have the group stand or sit 10 feet away. Have one person tap the self-timer and you’ll have the picture you’re looking for. Sometimes it takes a few tries, but the outtakes can be some of the funniest ones!


(Hint: Taking photos with the camera at a slightly higher angle than the subject is aesthetically appealing!) Most people will think they look better in a photo from this angle and it's an awesome way to capture holiday moments as they happen. Stand on the stairs and photograph the candid movement of family and friends talking, laughing or opening presents. Or stand on a sturdy chair and have everyone who is sitting on the couch, turn and look at you for a photo. Think of this as bird's-eye view of your holiday appearance.

Wishing all the happiest of holidays and memorable photos!


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What You Will See on the New Website
  • The new photography website will have both strong desktop and mobile capabilities. This makes it easy for clients to explore content and gather the information they are looking for. 
    1. The new layout offers a more atheistically pleasing way of viewing photos and galleries.

    1. From client purchase galleries, blogs, contact information, social media links, this website will serve as a one-stop shop for everything you’re looking for related to my photography business. 

    1. I’ve updated my website with new photos to highlight some of the strongest sessions I’ve photographed to date. I've channeled the saying, "out with the old, in with the new." 

    1. Further information to come about my style, philosophy and approach to keep people comfortable in front of the camera! 

    Building a new website can be time-consuming, but also a ton of fun! It's given me a chance to look at my work over the last seven years and see how much my style and skills have developed. What I love most about photography (and why I never get bored of it) are the limitless number of ways to improve, grow and set new goals as a photographer. Scenery changes, so do people; no two sessions are ever the same. It's an incredibly rewarding field and I'm grateful to have stumbled upon this artistic outlet of expression years ago.

    Stay tuned ... *new* website coming soon! 

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    A Sunny Sunday Morning in NYC When Kylie asked if I was going be visiting the east coast anytime in 2017, I had to think about...I couldn't think of any trips off the top of my head until I realized I had a wedding to attend in Connecticut I'm so glad I had the rare opportunity to spend a quiet Sunday morning in New York City and photograph Kylie in her element, and I don't know mean on the ice; I mean gracing the streets of Time Square, the Brooklyn Bridge and other prominent areas of the city. 

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    Sunrise Photos on a Saturday Morning in Colorado Springs

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    Devin + Chris

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    Baby IIan      

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    Nicole at The Broadmoor for Senior Photos


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    Natalie Dancing Through the Trails of Ute Valley Park      

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    {Jocelyn} Senior Photos // Class of 2018

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    Irma + Jezer  

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    Rehearsal Dinner | Sarah + Kelly

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