On Ice Photos

October 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It was freezing cold, but we managed to fit in some action photos during a relatively busy freestyle session. Normally action photos are taken during a competition or exhibition, however sometimes it can be difficult to capture all the skater is capable of doing in a three minute program. This is why Lindsey and I spent time finding the perfect poses and angles on the ice for her memorable action photos. 

Lindsey is a member of the Wisconsin Figure Skating Club and a freshmen at Whitefish Bay High School. She skates almost everyday and works hard in three different disciplines in skating: freestyle, ice dance and moves-in-the-field. Her signature move is a backward bielman spin. 

Enjoy the photos below of Lindsey's talented ability on ice! 

IMG_3549IMG_3549 IMG_3577IMG_3577 IMG_3588IMG_3588 IMG_3589IMG_3589 IMG_3619IMG_3619 IMG_3648IMG_3648 IMG_3659IMG_3659 IMG_3673IMG_3673 IMG_3728IMG_3728 IMG_3732IMG_3732 IMG_3751IMG_3751 IMG_3754IMG_3754 IMG_3762IMG_3762 IMG_3787IMG_3787 IMG_3807IMG_3807


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