SArnold Photo | Matt and Emma's Proposal | February 6, 2015

Matt and Emma's Proposal | February 6, 2015

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Hotel Metro Milwaukee | Milwaukee, WI 

One of my favorite organic coffee brands, Buena Vida, advertises, "February is the month of love and friendship. Spread the love to those you care about most!" I find this rather fitting. Had it not been for my friendship with Lauren Leonard through skating at Miami University of Ohio, I never would have had an opportunity to get know the entire Leonard Family so well. In turn, Matt would not have called me last week to ask me to photograph this beautiful proposal to Emma. I photographed Lauren's proposal in August, so I had been around the block before. I was so excited to hear Matt would be proposing in Milwaukee! His mom and I exchanged a message or two the week leading up to the proposal saying, "We can't believe this is happening again!" As I told Matt on the phone, "I feel like I am becoming so emotionally invested in the Leonard Family!"

Matt's thoughtful consideration and wise planning to make Emma believe she was attending a work related dinner certainly worked. Emma was late for the dinner and could not find parking. As Matt took his spot in the room (prepared for her grand entrance) she was texting him saying, "Matt! I cannot find parking!" To calm his nerves, I took the phone and replied, "Park in the garage!" She then said she didn't have cash even though we sent her a text saying a credit card can work too. Needless to say, two minutes later, Matt was sweating in anticipation for Emma to arrive and Emma was breaking a sweat because she was late to the "dinner." When Matt and I heard her running up the stairs to the Zen Den within Hotel Metro we both took a few deep breaths and resumed our position. She entered the door way and said, "What!? What are you doing, Matt? No ... this can't be" (with a huge smile on her face.)  

The rest is history. Enjoy the photos and one special proposal of Matt Leonard and Emma Lewis. 

Peace. Love. February. 



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